Rent a Champagne skirt with a live model

for your next event or holiday party!

2 hand made skirts are available in gold and silver


1 Skirt- Rental fees with model: 

$1000 for a 4 hour event, includes set up and model fees. (see travel fees *) 
Each skirt holds 48 glasses! 

Champagne glasses not included*
Flowers in the photo can be arranged for added fees*

 Travel fees and information:

If the event is with in 1 hour of the Wilmington Delaware area travel fees are included.

If travel time is over an 1 hour, after that hour: standard per mileage rates will be applied.

 Models outfit:

The Models attire can match the event.

Formal dresses can be worn for business events/weddings

 or if you want something else let me know!

Contact me for more information and availability

Ellen Durkan​