I am an artist blacksmith from Wilmington Delaware. I teach part time at a college and have my own business: Iron Maiden Forge.  I create wearable “ Forged Fashion” art that I present through a performance runway show in addition to my large scale drawings.  I teach blacksmithing classes during the summer at different craft centers, check out my travel schedule, maybe i'll be in your area!  I also travel to events and conferences for forging demonstrations. 

I received my graduate degree in Fine Arts. I found metal working intriguing while I was in college and my curiosity and determination has led me to my current body of work. I include different techniques such as chasing repousse or leather work to enhance my ideas as well as skills. My metal work started as forged stationary “ metal dresses” in which I would place a nude figure. My current body of work is still inspired by the human body, it is created to be worn and it is inspired by phyical and emotional vulnerability. I enjoy creating pieces to fit the complex forms of the figure and how each piece takes on a new presence with a new wearer. I create forged work to decorate the body as visual and metaphorical armor.  The metal forging and forming process constantly inspires me to build challenging new creations to be worn.

Stay tuned for more information on exhibits and runway shows !


Ellen Durkan​ 

Photo : Ric Frane