Ellen Durkan

I am an artist blacksmith who creates forged fashion. My interest in fashion grew from my fascination with metal forming and forging. I combine art, blacksmithing and fashion.

I grew up in Wilmington Delaware, went to undergrad for art and then continued on to get my MFA in sculpture. I got into forging from the decorative and design sides of things instead of the functional and utilitarian option. My current “wearable series” started as stationary dress cages with complete with shoes; I would place nude women in them as a performance, and then remove them in front of the crowd. This has guided me to my current growing performance runway like series: Forged Fashion. The pieces I create challenge my craftsmanship and while posing dynamic psychological questions. Creating the pieces to be “wearable and adjustable “ adds a bit of a challenge . I feel a moment of accomplishment when I finish a piece but the real excitement is when I lace someone inside and the piece takes on new presence. I forge metal gates; I just put them on the human form.

Stay tuned for more information on exhibits and runway shows !